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Just some fairly simple rules.

First of all, this is essentially silly. It is partly a rp game, and partly simply something created by an assortment of people for their own warped amusement. It is not real. It is not a reflection on you and your innermost soul. Please don´t take it too personally.

Secondly, this world is currently very much based around the London and Oxford Camarilla community. This means that some people have currently been left out. Hopefully this will change as we begin to detail the other city states of place such as Reading (currently ruled by the Outlaw Prince Rob), Edinburgh (a wild and dangerous land to the north) and maybe even far away places such as the land of the Skraelings. Until those are detailed do not be offended if you are not included in current write ups. Give us (us being Sally, Krys and Ginnie) a chance to catch our breathe and we will try and work you in. Or invent your own city state. We don´t have the monopoly on in jokes.

Thirdly, try not to just create your own persona. If you want to play you can make suggestions, but it is much funnier if other people have a hand in it. Krys wrote most of my write up, I wrote most of hers and we both wrote Ginnie´s. Get in touch.

Once we have slotted you into our world you can post stories, letters, whatever, and have fun with it.

Finally, I´d like most of this to stay public. Again, it is funnier. But if you see something up here that is set out in the format of a private letter between say, the Cardinal and the Duchess, then pretend you didn´t see it as your persona. Let them scheme. It keeps them happier.

And have fun.